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The core team at EPF developed a unique skillset through working on some of the most technical and challenging projects in the engineering industry. Notably, the core team has also occupied various roles on these projects ranging from project lead engineers to project managers. Below are some of the projects which some of the core team members have worked on to gain industry-leading experience. This also illustrates the large array of competencies and capabilities they comprise off throughout different industries.


Water Filtration Projects

We designed and fabricated the 6 MLPD Sea Water Reverse Osmosis plant for Total in Mozambique (LNG Area1 Development)
The Overall Works consists of the execution of the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of the Temporary Seawater Intake, Outfall System and RO unit required at the Area 1 project site, including for the supply of all the materials and equipment as required.  


Mining Coal Process plant

Mining projects which include mining expansion, existing plant upgrades as well as maintenance is at the core of some of the Engineering teams’ experience and expertise. At EPF Engineering we believe that mining is at the centre of any country’s economic well-being. Therefore, we specialize in assisting our clients to achieve maximum operational output and yield from mines to increase their profitability for the benefit of all involved.


Mining Red Area Diamond Process Plant 

The mining of minerals ranging from coal to diamond processing is what our core engineering team specialise in. The size and magnitude of our project exposure is evident in the scale of the projects we worked on as seen in the image below of a diamond processing plant.


Mining Conveyor Transfer Tower Arrangement

Material handling solutions of mining raw material is another key service we provide at EPF Engineering. Having a highly experienced engineering team gives our clients peace of mind that their material handling operations will run as efficient and effective as possible ensuring limited downtime for maintenance and repairs.


Mining Conveyor Design and General Arrangement

Engineering drawings are what connects the engineer and the site contractor. Our team have spent their entire careers ensuring that their engineering designs are perfectly translated through to implementation on-site. EPF Engineering understands the value of quality engineering drawings which can be easily read and implemented on-site.


Oil and Gas Black Powder Filtration Plant

Another area of expertise is the oil and gas sector, our core engineering team has worked on a major project within the oil and gas industry as seen in the image:  


NMPP Terminal Durban and Heidelberg – (Team members worked on this project).

Multi-purpose engineering projects are also within the technical experience gained by the engineers we employ. Their unique skill set within this industry is highly desirable to clients with high stake projects within their portfolio.


Oil and Gas Compressor Plant 

Brownfield projects such as the one seen in the image below also form part of our engineers’ experience. A large portion of our engineers was personally involved in the compressor plant project shown in the image.


Wax Expansion Plant 

Our engineers have extensive capabilities and experience in plant expansion within the polymers and wax making sectors working on large scale projects as seen in the image.


Steel Making Dust Extraction System 

The image shows the engineering capabilities of our team in the steelmaking industry. Valuable experience has been gained in processes and operations within manufacturing and refining sectors such as the steelmaking industry.

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